I was recently featured in a little article on GOBE about what I pack in my camera bag for adventure shoots. These guys are awesome to say the least. GOBE was founded on the principles of environmental sustainability and are continually striving to have a direct and positive impact on the environment. Plus you get to plant 5 trees with every purchase in areas around the world with severe deforestation. Not an ad - just super stoked to be working with companies that are giving back to the environment and moving towards zero waste products!

You can check out the original article here with some shots of mine using a selection of filters.

Gobe Gear.jpg

- Checklist -

Canon 5DMKIV

 16-35mm f2.8

24-70mm f2.8

70-200mm f2.8




Extra Batteries

Backup SD/CF Cards

iPhone 8


Black Diamond Head Torch

NF Beanie (essential)

Comfiest Pair of Hiking Boots

Canon 5DMKIV

This is my main camera I take on every trip/job.  I usually have a back 6D handy just as a little peace of mind


I only keep a few lenses in my bag.  I use to shoot on prime lenses, and a lot of people argue that they are better than zooms, but after using these beasts I can honestly say they are just as good if not better.  Also the convenience of having a zoom when you’re in the mountains and the light is rapidly changing is a massive bonus.  

16-35 - I love this when I want to squish as much as possible into a scene. I probably use this 80% of the time when exploring.

24-70 - An absolute must for shooting jobs and I will always have this in my bag no matter where I’m going.

70-200 - My new favourite toy. Great for isolating subjects and peaks in the distance, even better for the occasional adventure portrait.


Polariser - I’ve recently discovered that these bad boys make a big difference to my photos.  Especially If the light is super contrasty.

UV - Im always clumsy when it comes to carrying my gear whilst hiking so these are great protection.

ND - I love playing around with this for long exposures and I’m yet to throw it on and attempt a super long star trail. Ive recently been trying to shoot video and it helps when getting shots during the day.


I won’t leave home without at least two back ups.  Especially when shooting in the snow.  They  die a lot faster in the cold.  A handy tip when shooting/camping in the back country - shove them under your arm pits! Ive gotten at least two extra bars after the battery has died on me by keeping them there!


A Super important part of my file management and workflow. Raws to the CF and SD.  Im sure you’ve all heard “it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when” when it comes to data loss.  Especially when I’m in the middle of nowhere.  I like shooting on 32 GB cards because if one was to crash, you aren’t losing as much as a full 128GB card.


I will always keep It in my bag.  I use a Black Diamond torch, they are reliable waterproof up to a certain depth which is always handy for snowy trips.  It’s a lot better than using a phone light and comes in handy for some cool blue hour hiking shots.


I mainly use this for star tracking apps and for seeing where the sun is going to pop up. I don’t like to be on my phone much while I’m out exploring, I like to stay present and connected.  EarPods mainly for music on solo trips.


Gotta always have my trusty warm beanie for frosty mornings.

Hiking Boots

Not really something thats in my bag but I wont go on a hike/adventure without them. Comfort over fashion is always a good mindset when you’re above the tree line!